About Us

Offsource Traders Co. Ltd deals with brokerage and dealership of high quality commodities from verified sources. We trade in commodities such as gold, diamond, minerals, coffee, tea among other exclusive commodities.

For all the commodities we deal with, we ensure that our clients get the best quality right from the original source for the best deal. This is made possible because we work with a team of experts who ensure that you as the client gets value for your investment.

Mission: To ensure that clients and investors get the best quality commodities, in a secure environment with the best deal.

Vision: To be the leading supplier of exclusive commodities in the region.

Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, Bronze etc...
As a leading dealer of precious metals, we are committed to helping our clients. We do this by giving them a safe and easy way to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals. For gold, we only broker 100% pure gold (24 carat) and we guide our clients every step of the way to ensure that their investment is genuine and secure.

Precious Stones

Diamond, Garnet, etc..
We guide buyers around the continent for the best gemstones, whether its selling or buying. We deliver quality selection of gemstones, rubies, sapphires, and various other semi-precious stones.

Hot Beverages

Tea & Coffee
When it comes to hot beverages, we deliver the best quality from Kenya where the best tea and coffee is grown. In its purest form, Kenyan tea has gained recognition in markets across the world because it has been proved to have higher levels of antioxidants compared to teas produced in other parts of the world. Kenya produces some of the world’s best coffee and is also a leading exporter of Arabica coffee. Kenyan coffee is well known for its intense flavor, full body, and pleasant aroma making it one of the most sought-after coffees in the world.